Lovingly crafted in my first ever Game Jam (Ludam Dare 38 compo). I put a lot of frenzied effort into this and I really hope someone out there gets some enjoyment out of it.

controls: WSAD or arrow keys

Objective: Survive as long as possible. From the start of the game a blood thirsty hound is hot on your trail and you have to use your wits and the environment to buy yourself more time. But the dog isn't the only problem, battery life is precious and fleeting. How long can you last?

Tip: You might want to have sound enabled. With a fixed angle really close third person perspective, often sound is the only way to get an estimate of how closely you're being pursued. Also, this game uses physics objects which can hard on browsers, enable hardware acceleration on your browser if available.

Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 38