Hi, my name is Oxrock and thank you for visiting the Z-Trail game page. Z-Trail is a turn based strategy game reminiscent of Oregon Trail but the setting is during a zombie apocalypse. Your party must hazard over 4 thousand miles to Jeuno Alaska, where there's whispers of a safe zone.

Assign your party members tasks to undertake at night. Events will happen occasionally while you're traveling during the day. Do everything you can to keep your party alive long enough to reach your destination!

* You only get one action per night, so make sure none of your party members are idle!
* You sacrifice some health if you take actions while exhausted
* Every turn while over the hunger threshold will cost health
* Sacrificing a night's sleep for guard duty is WORTH IT!
* The vehicle gets slower as it's damaged.
* Actions usually have a corresponding skill. Use the right party member for the task.


This game is a Ludum Dare Compo entry so development time and resources were extremely limited. A lot of frenzied effort and love went into this game so I hope you enjoy it.

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